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Personalised lifestyle modification using epigenetics

Vieroots believes that each individual is physically and mentally distinct. Construct your personalised diet/fitness/yoga/meditation routines based on Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications known as EPLIMO to live a long, healthy and productive life. Our Geno-metabolic assessment combines one of the most comprehensive genetic tests with an online metabolic evaluation supported by Artificial Intelligence, to support to improve your quality of life.


The Operations Manual for your body and mind.

The ultimate personalized wellness management system. Know More

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Scientific research is the backbone of Vieroots. We study the roots of life, which may be traced back to ancient wellness wisdom of Eastern origin. Vieroots is the world's first Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Company.

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The Vieroots Advantages

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Vieroots uses scientifically proven natural raw materials, which are curated after proper research.

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Our products have high efficiency because of the technology we use in our formulations.



We develop products that are free of GMOs.

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No Artificial Flavours

Our products are free of artificial flavours and synthetic fillers.

What others are saying

Over 5,000+ satisfied customers

“After taking EPLIMO I channeled the right personalised exercise pattern for me.


(Kerala, India)

“A friend of mine suggested EPLIMO, and the results were really amazing and surprisingly superb. I recommend this to all now!”

Dr. Tajas S Kochikunnel

Dental Surgeon (Kerala, India)

“I improved my lifestyle, and I'm very happy to have taken a step towards a healthy & balanced life by understanding my DNA.”

Slava Popov

Professional Personal Trainer (Dubai)

“I was completely happy with what I got from EPLIMO. And I would definitely recommend you give EPLIMO a try!”

Reenna Lahhiri

Health and Wellness Coach (Dubai)

“I was surprised to learn that what I was practicing until then was wrong for my health and that EPLIMO was a lifesaver for my family and me.”

Manoj K V

Medical Documentation Expert (Kerala, India)

“The entire Eplimo program was so insightful, and I enjoyed learning myself and was amazed to see the results.”

Divjyot Chohan

Nutritionist (Dubai)

“Everything is sourced with such integrity and responsibility.

Dr. Geomcy George

“Eplimo program is ideal way to create Healthy society with healthy people.

Dr. George Chandy Matteethra

“It was hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle until I joined the Eplimo program.

Dr. Vishnu Priya

Superhuman movement.

The Superhuman Movement is for those ordinary people who want to live an extraordinary life!

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